If you live in Parker, Murphy, Sachse or Wylie, take action now before it’s too late.


A developer has submitted a request for a wastewater treatment plant discharge permit and the development of a municipal utility district (MUD) to TCEQ for approx 100 acres of undeveloped land not located in Cities of Murphy or Parker. It’s directly north of the Murphy Rolling Ridge neighborhood. The developer has provided a concept plan that includes over 600 residences and would allow the Waste Water Treatment Plant to discharge effluent (treated wastewater) into Maxwell Creek. The FEMA Flood Map in the MAP SECTION of this page shows a majority of Maxwell Creek falls within the FEMA flood zone which is another large concern. 

Facility failure and untreated water dumping. Stinky creek in your backyard. Increased risk of flooding (Maxwell Creek is in a flood zone) according to the FEMA Flood Zone map. Threat to wildlife. Unsafe water conditions near the creek (parks). Unsafe air and algae. Impact towards home values

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5 more things you can do:

Get educated & stay informed!

Join the local FB group that was started for this purpose, thanks to the efforts of Carrolyn Edmonson Moebius, Tom Marshall and many others!

Submit a comment to TCEQ
(permit # WQ0016003001)

There are no limits to how many comments you submit to TCEQ. If you'ld like to request a CONTESTED HEARING, include the words "I request a CONTESTED HEARING" along with your comment.

Take pictures, videos of Maxwell Creek

the aquatic life, wildlife, birds and share on the FB page “Save Maxwell Creek”.

Write to our State representatives and encourage their support!

State Rep Candy Noble and State Senator Angela Paxton our main two representatives but consider reaching out to other area reps, state senators and county commissioners.

TCEQ virtual public meeting

Plan to attend the TCEQ virtual public meeting on Monday, December 6th at Southfork or on GOTOMEETING app.

Permit Map of Affected Landowners

FEMA Flood Zone Map of Area Around Creek

Propertyshark shows that Maxwell Creek is a Flood Zone. See interactive map.

Latest Events

TCEQ Virtual Public Meeting

Graciuously hosted by Southfork Ranch. Save Maxwell Creek requests your attendance to participate in the goto meeting scheduled with TCEQ and the applicants. We will be able to fully participate.

* Webinar ID 369-601-211

Save Maxwell Creek. Capturing the wildlife and characteristics.

The Preserve at Maxwell Creek Trails and an event. We will be helping Tetra Tech by taking pictures of Maxwell Creek and the wildlife that live and fly through the area. Also, water samples will be taken in 5 different areas. We will attempt to visit Muddy Creek too. If you are able to help, please let us know. And Don't forget to CHARGE your phone! and another event for Dec 6th TCEQ Public Meeting

FAQs - Save Maxwell Creek!


  • ~105 acres approximately half a mile northwest of Rolling Ridge and Murphy Road.
  • Land is in Parker’s ETJ, meaning Parker has little oversight over what is developed on it.


  • Land owned by Margaret Turner (Parker resident), being sold to developer to build 666 single family detached and townhomes including a MUD (wastewater treatment plant).
  • There is currently no sewer available for this development, but there is sewer nearby.

Why We’re Concerned:

  • Environmental – facility will dump highly chlorinated water into Maxwell Creek, eroding water quality and killing wildlife and plants. These facilities also put off noxious odors and noise.  Additionally, dangerous chemicals will be used, which other cities have added law enforcement resources to protect. 
  • Health – Hunt Elementary is dangerously close to this facility, only separated from the new development by a narrow greenbelt. People with respiratory conditions may be adversely affected by the degraded air quality.  And kids who play in the creek may be affected by the chemicals used to treat the water. 
  • Flooding – homes along Maxwell Creek are already either in the 100 year flood plain or within the “1% chance of flood”, this will exacerbate flooding due to the wastewater and storm runoff.
  • Strain on Resources – this development won’t pay city taxes, but will use Murphy and Parker resources (parks, roads, fire).
  • Home Values – Homes near the development will see a reduction in their value due to being in close proximity to a nuisance, and homes further downstream along the creek will see their home values decline due to the increased flooding.

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